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Nicola Jane Ablett lives in the UAE and has worked extensively within the GCC, MENA, East and West Africa, Brunei, Afghanistan, Kurdistan and Pakistan. She has substantial experience in coaching, mentoring, and facilitating cross culturally from junior staff to senior management and the C-suite.

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We are an innovative bespoke provider of agile solutions with connections throughout MEA, with practitioners we can reach out to that are fluent in Arabic, English and French. Countries with representation of certified practitioners are GCC, Morocco, Pakistan and Sudan. 


INNOVATIVE DISRUPTION is a trusted, ethical and moral company that will provide you with bespoke solutions based on a gap analysis undertaken with you to understand your reality and provide solutions that are emotionally intelligent and driven by your company’s needs, with respect for growth and success.


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PRISM is a tool used by businesses worldwide to understand people’s behavior at work. It shows how someone naturally behaves, how they adjust their behavior to achieve goals, and their overall behavioral patterns. It generates a detailed report about work preferences and emotional intelligence. It can also analyze job requirements and assess candidates. Additionally, it helps teams understand their strengths and how well they work together.


Our Testimonials

Nicola has been both a professional and loyal supporter for and of University of BOLTON for the past 10 years. She has interacted with both students and faculty and always provides professional friendly support. Whether its EI WORKSHOPS, introducing Faculty, supporting CAREER Days or innovating she can be relied on to promote University of BOLTON.

Raj Nambiar Director, University of Bolton - RAK

I have had the joy of benefiting from Nicola’s coaching capabilities in late 2021. She came at the most appropriate time as I was going through a rough patch in many aspects of my life. She helped me work through each challenge with such professionalism and became a great accountability partner for my process of self-actualisation. I am now in a much better place career wise and emotionally thanks to her guidance and coaching. COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on us all (individuals and corporations alike) and I hope that more people like Nicola are around to support us through this of period of disruption, adaptation and growth

Sarah Shaw Strategy & Change Management Expert

I have the chance to meet with Nicola before 2010, and I had attended the session she supervised of PRISM Practitioner in 2013. She is surely the kind of person to remember. Indeed Nicola spreads around friendly, dynamic and cheerful aura. She is an extremely pleasant person to work with, she is patient and persevering, pursues all the tasks even the most challenging ones. Furthermore, Nicola has a solid background in Human resources management and particularly in coaching and mentoring professionals in disruptive times, keeping them highly motivated and supporting them in acquiring top notch skills and polishing their personal attributes. She has truly inspired lots of people including myself and I would be glad to work with her in any project that may come in the future.

Nadia Soussi

For as far as I’ve known Nicola, she’s always been there, she has always helped, and I know she won’t stop. It’s no secret that her approach comes from experience and the knowledge she has accumulated. It always is a pleasure to learn from someone who’s dedicated to helping others like she did with me. She has been there for me, and I know she’ll be there for you.

Yusef Raei Al Boom

Nicola makes it simple. She’s very eloquent, articulate and a very effective communicator. I recommend her services blindfolded.

Hani Chanouha

We have worked with Nicola Ablett since 2007, and highly recommend all that she has to offer to potential clients, always providing a unique and innovative approach with the various PRISM reports, enabling people to reach their full potential. We fully support Nicola and her contributions throughout MEA with PRISM Brain Mapping, where there are a limited number of people with the same level of knowledge, and experience using PRISM.

Charles de Garston Head of Global Operations, PRISM Brain Mapping UK LLP

الى الاخت التي ساندتني خلال فترتي المهنية دون مقابل ( معلمتي الأولى ) ، أن الدعم الذي قدمته لي لا يمكن ان يكتب في سطرين ، اشكرها من اعماق قلبي ( معطائة ، مبادرة ، محبة ، مثقفة ، طموحة ومناضلة ) حين تتواصل معها وتتعرف عليها ، لا يمكنك ابدا ان تنساها وعطائها الدائم يسعدك لدرجة أنك ترغب بوجودها في حياتك للابد شكرا لك اختي وصديقتي

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