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We are an innovative bespoke provider of agile solutions with connections throughout MEA, with practitioners we can reach out to that are fluent in Arabic, English and French. Countries with representation of certified practitioners are GCC, Morocco, Pakistan, and Sudan.


INNOVATIVE DISRUPTION is a trusted, ethical and moral company that will provide you with bespoke solutions based on a gap analysis undertaken with you to understand your reality and provide solutions that are emotionally intelligent and driven by your company’s needs, with respect for growth and success.


To deliver outstanding services that constantly exceed client expectations, and positively impact and enhance performance, purpose and the workplace environment.


To be at the forefront of personal development engaging with clients who thrive with innovation.


Areas of Expertise

Our core skills and competencies

Our Core Skills and Competencies

With over 25 years of experience in federal and local government, private sector, as a business owner, and entrepreneur, predominantly collaborating with UAE Nationals, IDMEA possesses invaluable cultural awareness and expertise to offer agile, intelligent solutions to your organisational needs.

We offer guidance and support in various areas such as lifestyle, career development, and career choices. Additionally, we specialize in team building, conflict resolution, leadership, and public speaking. Our expertise also extends to panel membership behavior and protocol, meeting management, and more.

Mentoring is a cornerstone of personal development and growth. We believe in the power of one-on-one guidance and support to help individuals unlock their potential and achieve their goals. Our tailored mentoring programs are designed to provide personalized guidance, valuable insights, and practical skills to drive continuous improvement and success.

PRISM is a tool that helps you unlock the full potential of your talent. It offers gentle yet effective methods to boost your energy levels and productivity without intruding on your privacy.

We offer facilitation skills and competencies tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you need virtual, online, or real-time solutions, we’ve got you covered. Our approach is designed to meet your unique needs, ensuring effective communication and collaboration.

We will meet with you and then visit with you to ascertain what ‘gaps’ you have identified for yourselves and having spent time in the organisation agree a strategy to address them. This could be strategic or operational, requiring small interventions or a phased program with key deliverables and measurement of change.

Performance management is an ongoing process of communication that takes place within an organisation that occurs throughout the year, in support of accomplishing the strategic and operational objectives, most importantly engaging with the employees and providing a healthy environment.
Performance can be managed in many ways but should always be based in transparency, objective and constructive. Anyone who works with people requires effective communication skills and the ability to deliver feedback in a constructive professional way.
We can assist you in developing or growing your performance system so that it is agile and also viable in the vibrant workspaces of today.



PRISM is a tool used by businesses worldwide to understand people’s behavior at work. It shows how someone naturally behaves, how they adjust their behavior to achieve goals, and their overall behavioral patterns. It generates a detailed report about work preferences and emotional intelligence. It can also analyze job requirements and assess candidates. Additionally, it helps teams understand their strengths and how well they work together.

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