LIVE FULLY we only have one shot on this planet

Explore the visionary thoughts of Zafar Mirzo about creating a better future for humanity. Swipe through for inspiring reflections on making a positive impact and contributing to a brighter, more enlightened future. Embracing Life’s Choices: Activity Over Passivity – Zafar Mirzo

@zafarmirzo 1. Life is a choice between being passive in its face and being active for its sake. 2. An unproductively lived life weakens the vitality of life itself. The choice is ours: to strengthen Life or to weaken it. 3. The purpose of life is to live meaningfully, productively, and emotionally–saturate. In other words, to live fully. 4. Reverence for life is an inexhaustible energy source for a meaningful and happy life. 5. The main source of well-being – is a conscious and persistent wish to live fully.

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