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We are living in a time that is shaking most people to the very core. Most recently it was COVID now our world is looking and reacting in absolute horror at what is being done to the Palestinians in GAZA.

Everything about our moral codes and fibers is being tested beyond belief in a world shattered by the deathening sounds of silence at what the ZIONISTS have unleashed in an occupied land. Under the pretext of self defense the psychological safety and physical safety of every PALESTINIAN is compromised and breached.

Others among us are living what is laughingly called ‘normal’ lives, none of us will ever be normal again and we are perhaps only once removed from friends and colleagues who have lost entire families and generations as well as homes and country.

Psychological safety is indeed very important and this article is tremendously useful in so many different situations for those of us not living in a war zone.

Take care of those you love and remember health is wealth and life is precious.

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