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I have worked with federal and local government, private sector, FZE’s and small SME’s as well as entrepreneurs in this past 26 years in the region.
There has always been a gap in courtesy and response times but this year it appears to be much worse than previously or even with the covid label.
When you put out an RFP or the SOW with timelines that are unrealistic! Why is it that you the client think it is OK to ghost the provider? Not even a thank you or you have been unsuccessful? Then you retender the same brief?
Additionally when you have received a detailed outline developed by the provider with time and effort why do you think it is OK to ask for the course materials? That is my IP, and only I can deliver it, the way I would deliver it and the way I have written it with my level of experience and tailoring it to the group I am in front of.
Whilst understanding the need for transparency and due diligence, how do people in procurement make recommendations based on price alone rather than quality and content, not knowing the subject matter?
When your HR is strategic rather than transactional your business will not only be an employer of choice but also innovative and alive with PURPOSE making a difference in this world of greed and avarice.
THINK past yourself what is your legacy going to be?
Thoughts my own based on 2022 experiences specifically.

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