New Hires

At IDMEA, we understand the critical importance of hiring the right talent for your organisation. Every new hire has the potential to either strengthen or weaken your team, making effective recruitment essential, especially in today’s competitive labour markets.

Key Features:

  1. Strategic Recruitment: Effective recruitment extends beyond merely filling immediate vacancies; it entails ensuring your organisation possesses the capability to meet both current and future needs. Our recruitment services are crafted to influence the long-term success of your business by pinpointing candidates with high performance potential.
  2. PRISM Insights: Our PRISM tool furnishes valuable insights into work factors that can either enhance or inhibit a candidate’s performance. By harnessing PRISM for recruitment, you can diminish subjectivity and make superior hiring decisions founded on a clear comprehension of each candidate’s potential.
  3. Performance Enhancement: PRISM transcends mere identification of high-potential candidates; it also facilitates the improvement of individual performance and engagement levels. By aligning candidates’ innate behavioural preferences with the prerequisites for high performance in the role, PRISM ensures a better fit for both the job and the company culture.


PRISM provides invaluable insights into candidates' behavioural preferences and potential performance, facilitating better-informed hiring decisions and ensuring a superior fit for your organisation.

PRISM's unique neuroscience approach furnishes a dependable and consistent framework for gauging suitability, aligning candidates' natural behavioural preferences with the requirements for high performance in the role.

Commencing with PRISM for recruitment at IDMEA is straightforward! Simply reach out to us through our website, and our team will assist you through the process, tailoring our services to meet your specific needs and requirements.


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