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Writing your own career narrative

How easily are we influenced and how ‘managed” are our life choices?

There is a lot in the press and ‘talk’ about EMIRATISATION and the justifiable expectation of the country for her Nationals to be employed and not just as tokens. But along with this is a mind shift from Government to private sector and also abandoning the stereotypical approach ‘that Nationals, do not work and that you cannot fire them!

Check the UAE LABOUR LAW and know how to navigate it and also look at your sourcing, recruitment processes along with employee engagement, then performance with valid and reliable targets. Ensure there is a more than a good match with coach and coachee and that mentors are the right fit whether identified by self or with employer.

Maybe you need to write your own career narrative or already have done so be sure to do your TWOS before you set out any path

This link maybe useful :

Also check out Mark SAVICKAS

When you are doing something you love it’s not work! Like him or not Richard Branson lives this and look at his life journey.

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